SPEC SILICA has been developing silica sand products for use in the metallurgical industry. We understand that silica sand is an integral part of any foundries raw material procurement and that correct specification is critical... Because this industry tends to operate on a just-in-time delivery system we have acquired our own tankers, allowing us great flexibility and ensuring optimal service levels.

Gradings of silica sand available for metallurgical use:

60/70 AFS

45/55 AFS

80/100 AFS

Recreational - Golf, Equestrian.

This industry is very silica reliant and a reputable supplier of silica sands has long being overdue in KwaZulu-Natal. We have developed the correct material for this application in keeping with USGA-specifications. Because of advanced plant and refining techniques we can custom produce any other specification of silica sand if so desired.

We are experienced suppliers to the equestrian industry.

Tile Adhesive & Plaster Sand Manufacturing

This market is concerned with the manufacturing of tile-adhesives, grouts and fillers. One of the key-factors in supplying this industry is consistent material in terms of grading and colour – “SPEC SILICA” understands this need and is committed to be the dominant supplier.

We supply material in the following sizes:

106 - 212 micron

150 - 300 micron

212 - 425 micron

300 - 600 micron

Filter Sands, Playpens.

SPEC SILICA bagging facility allow us to serve any market where bagged product is required. Once again we have developed the correct product for any of the applications above and supplies have seen good growth.


20 Kg Bags

40 Kg Bags

1-Ton Bulk Bags

Bulk (blower truck or rail hopper cars)