Historically, in Kwazulu-Natal, the need for silica sands has mostly been addressed by shipping product from Gauteng. The face of silica sand supply in Kwazulu-Natal has now evolved in the form of SPEC SILICA.

SPEC SILICA was formed six years ago, with the aim of becoming the supplier of choice for silica sands in Kwazulu-Natal and beyond. Our primary goal is to consolidate this position of leadership within the industry, by adhering to the highest of standards insofar as quality and quantity, both in product and service, are concerned. To this end SPEC SILICA boasts a management/ownership team with years of collective experience in quarrying, mining, refining, plant, transport and marketing.

We believe that certain key factors exist in our operation which are crucial in terms of continuity in serving the industry:


  • We are the outright owners of our own silica reserves, as well as applicable Department of Mineral Resources rights. 
  • Exhaustive testing by accredited labs has confirmed that we have some of the very best reserves in terms of alluvial silica (SiO2) content. 
  • Our life-of-mine exceeds 40 years of in-situ reserves. 
  • We are strategically located within 80 kilometers or less from all our major markets. 
  • We are using both hydro-sizing and dry-screening processes to ensure correct grading of sand. 
  • Our mining methods are extremely eco-friendly.