Spec Silica Sands was founded by, two friends Alberto Mattioda and Marc de Charmoy, in 2009. 

It began with a small mine, selling inferior concrete sand, locally. Whilst going about their usual Sunday drive by, they stopped and Marc held onto a hand full of the sand and said, “We can find a home for this sand”. 


That Monday they took a sample of the sand to Pefco foundry to be tested. The laboratory technician, named Africa, analyzed the sand, and asked enthusiastically where they got it. They responded we would have to kill you if we told you. Alberto asked him where they got their silica. After a quick mental calculation, they soon realized they could offer a better product for a cheaper price. The general manager and chief buyer were called into the laboratory and inspected the silica.  In disbelieve, they accused them of fabricating the silica sand sample.  Confused, the two friends insisted that they wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time.  

They were then asked if they could supply the silica sand in tanker loads, and received their very first order. They gathered up as many second hand parts and equipment as they could, and began inventing their method of extraction and drying. Three months later their first sand order was delivered. They built the entire plant with scraps and spares themselves. Since then they have not stopped developing their economic and eco-friendly production process. 

For 150 years the true potential of the natural resource on the farm has not been noticed or savored.  Torrential rains falling onto the badly ploughed and farmed lands have continuously washed down this resource from the surrounding hills, slowly filling the river each time. With the proper extraction of silica deposits the river and embankments will be restored to its original levels, like when dhows would sail up from the coast. 

From selling a single product they have managed to find many specific products for their customers, with little to no waste.